Reniyard is the Gami's homeworld. Humans from Earth are called to travel this world and make new discoveries. This is where Gami Hunters are born.


Once upon a time, there was nothing in the universe except for a huge broken clock standing in the middle of the vast nothingness. This is the Time Clock. It controls time and space and bacause it is broken, life did not start. After countless milleniums, it finally ticked creating a huge wave of energy to travel the whole universe. The first atom was created, then a molecule, then a cell until it made the different planets of the universe.

Reniyard started out to be a huge ball of water. Then, creatures called Gamis came. The Ground and Rock Gamis created the soil and mountains. The Fire Gamis dried up the water for more land and created volcanoes. Water Gamis created the seas and oceans. Then the Grass Gamis grew vegitation. Electric Gamis supplied electricity, Ice Gamis created the polar regions. Wind Gamis made an never-stopping wind to cool the planet. Dark Gamis made darkness and Light Gamis made Sakyr, the Gami world's Sun. Dragon Gamis purified the water with there magic. Metal Gamis made steel for homes. The rest of the Gamis created civilization and supplied manpower.

After just a few days, the Gamis of Reniyard where stumped. They just stand around doing the same thing over and over again: Eat and Sleep. So, the Psychic type Gamis called humans telephatically from the Earth to explore this new world, make friends and enemies, and just have fun.

The End.



The red-orange-yellow continent. This continent was entirely made by volcanic activity from just one volcano: Mt. Burn. It is home to Gami that live in volcanoes, Fire Gamis and some Rock and Ground Gamis.


The brown continent. It is a huge mass of land. It has a few patches of grasslands, swamps, beaches, power plants and deserts. It is home to Rock Gamis, Ground Gamis, Electric Gamis, some Normal Gamis, and Steel Gamis.


The green continent. Naturas is a wide continent filled with grass, rivers and mountains. It also has the highest mountain: Mt. Overeach. It could be called home by any type of Gami.


The sea. Natura is the whole ocean and seas. In the middle is a lighly colored blue dot. This is land-like continent where some Gamis thrive. It is home to Water and Ice type Gamis.


The cloud continent. A thick cloud above Aquagard. It is home to Flying Gamis and some Light Gamis.


The underground system of Reniyard is very complex, down below is just a little of the all tunnels and caves.


List of what all the numbers mean:

  1. Rokkie cave system
  2. Single Rokkie cave
  3. Throwdon cave
  4. Tunnel entrance
  5. Mt. Burn
  6. The core of Reniyard

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