This is Featured Image Voting Page. Here you can make a nomination on which of the images is the best one. The winning one will be displayed on the Home page.


  1. Users can only nominate one image every month. Punishment is 3 days of block.
  2. Users cannot create a new account to vote more then once. Punishment is 5 days of block.
  3. Users must not remove other user's nomination. Punishment is a week of block.
  4. Users cannot renominate a image from this or last month/s. Punishment is two days of block.
  5. Users must not categorize or rename this page. Punishment is three days of block.
  6. Users can remove there own nominations and change it,except when the voting is already starting. Punishment is two days of block.
  7. Voting will start in the 15th day of the month.
  8. And please dont vote on your own entry, it will be hard to get a winner then.

Nominees For Featured image of July


"Virus.png" Nominated by HungryGrox, made by HungryGrox


"Gamimon.png" Nominated by SilverWingsxxx, made by SilverWingsxxx

Lusharna glitch

"Lusharna glitch.png" Nominated by CompliensCreator00, made by CompliensCreator00

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